August 3, 2019




Incredible, instinctive vocal symmetry, captivating melodies, and intimate, intelligent lyrics speak to the years of tireless craftsmanship and well-earned successes by both artists respectively. A gifted composer, producer, and musician Peter has toured extensively and shared the stage with artists such as The Civil Wars, Andrew Belle, and John Mayer. Jill, a founding member of the alt/country favorite The Everybodyfields, has performed alongside The Avett Brothers, Willie Nelson, and Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors and secured television placements that include Greys Anatomy, American Idol, and Nashville.


Hush Kids self-titled debut journeys across the unexpected, the strangeness of love rather than the sweetness, the beauty of the world rather than the bullshit. Guided by writer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Ian Fitchuk and joined by some of Nashville’s most sought-after musicians, the record pairs the effortless, addictive pop sensibility of The Carpenters with the dusty, atmospheric, desert landscape of Robert Plant and Allison’s Kraus’s Americana classic, “Raising Sand.”


Despite the name, Hush Kids is not about quiet, it’s about stepping away from the wrong kind of noise to embrace the music.





Recorded at home in her rented pink villa in East Nashville,  Ali is “taking a step away from the singer/songwriter direction” of her two previous releases “Storybook” and “Comes and Goes”.  The arrangements are fuller (Produced by Jon Estes and Jamie Dick), the songs are more assured, and as an album comprised largely of co-writes (Robby Hecht, Mary Bragg, Carey Ott to name a few), there is a something indelible about Ali’s voice that runs throughout.


Raised by musician parents in Fairfield Iowa, her childhood was tie-dyed in the music of the 60’s and 70’s: Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor. After attending Syracuse University to study musical theatre, followed by brief stints in NYC and Chicago, Ali moved to Nashville in 2009 to join “Sweetwater Rose” – an all-girl country harmony group.  In 2012, immersed in the growing alternative music scene in Nashville, she released her first solo record, “Storybook”, backed by a rotating tribe of musicians – friends, lovers, and roommates – who became known as “The Family Vacation”. October 2014 saw the release of “Comes and Goes”, an EP utilising many of the same players and embodying the same open door ethos that is patent in all of Ali’s music, and her character.