July 6, 2019

Matthew Mayfield (Headliner)

Brandon Shane Reeves


Matthew Mayfield

From haunting acoustic ballads to gritty rock and roll songs led with swagger and attitude, Matthew May­eld has spent the past decade releasing music that has changed the hearts and lives of his listeners. His latest LP, Gun Shy, is a collection of songs as varied as the emotions each of us feels. While May­eld is known for crafting both gripping ballads and eclectic rock songs, Gun Shy’s greatest triumph lies somewhere between those two styles.





Brandon Shane Reeves

Brandon Shane Reeves

Brandon Shane Reeves is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Augusta, Ga. Now based in Atlanta, Brandon has spent the last 15 years playing music in venues around the Southeast. Heavily influenced by singer-songwriters such as Edwin McCain, Rob Thomas, and Ryan Adams, Brandon’s unique vocals and and diverse style are showcased on his EP “Caged Bird”, released in 2016.


Brandon is currently in the studio working on a new project, and can’t wait to release a new EP in fall of 2019! Until then, you can find Brandon performing shows all over the Southeast, and hosting his new podcast, Peach State Sounds, which showcases Georgia musicians and artists.


Facebook – @brandonshanereevesmusic
Instagram – @brandonshanereeves
Website – brandonshanereeves.com